Vermont Declaration of Inclusion


Distressed by recent catastrophic events unfolding across the country relating to human rights, justice, and equality, Bob Harnish, a long-time resident of Pittsford, decided to do something. His concern led him to Al Wakefield, a former businessman in the Rutland area, who shared similar distress and felt a need to do something “hands-on.”

The intent of the Declaration of Inclusion is to indicate and reinforce the message to all visitors, residents, and those thinking about or planning to come and stay, that:

  • Vermont is a welcoming community
  • Vermont invites all to bring their families and friends, as well as their talents and skills
  • Vermont is a community of people who will treat them fairly, provide encouragement and support for their interests
  • Vermont will bring the full resources of the state, cities, and towns to ensure their well-being and security

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